Day #2   (Sure is cold in the Garage)

December 16th, 2002


As I expected, everything is taking me a lot longer than I want it to, but heyÖ patience is a virtue.  A virtue which I do not haveÖ so this oughta be good.  J   Today, I started at about 9:30am by taking the clutch fan off by removing the 4 bolts holding it to the pully, which I realized also comes off at this time.   I bagged the bolts, strung a wire through the bag and the pullyÖ and set them aside for later.    Then I jacked up the rear of Ellen and removed the driveshaft. (Didnít I just have this thing off back in Ohio??)   Ya know what?  Itís no fun trying to get those bolts out of the C-clips holding the driveshaft in when thereís nobody else around.   It wouldíve been a lot nicer if I had someone putting the transmission in Neutral for me to rotate it, and then put it back in park.   I had to crawl about 5 times out from under Ellen just so I could move the driveshaft a little more.     After that, I lowered the back end down, moved my stuff to the front, and jacked up the front end soís I could start draining the tranny by loosening one side of the bolts on the pan.   Well, this is gonna be slow dripping, cuz I didnít want to remove any more bolts for fear of dumping fluid everywhere.   So thatís where I quit today.   Iím letting it drip/drain all night and then Iíll go do the oil and HOPEFULLY lots more tomorrow.    I consider it a good day..   I didnít get crushed.  J  It's too much work to put all my comments on each picture.  Many of the pictures are for documentation (so I can remember how things were hooked up)   If something doesn't make sense, e-mail me! On to the pictures: