Well, I've made some changes to this section of the website.   I had Specific Day-by-Day updates when i FIRST started to pull the engine out, but that came to a halt when my other daily driver crapped out whilst the Nova was disabled as well.    You can click the links below to go to particular sections.   Once you click on a section, there will be arrows for "Next" and "Previous" at the bottom.   Enjoy!   As always.. send me your comments!  brianleebusse@cox.net

This entire section is about the progress of the proposed rebuild of the stock 350 that came with the Nova back in 1975.   Plans got changed.... so all that ended up happening was a VERY thorough cleaning, followed by a cam/lifter/timing chain swap, new Starter, Water Pump, and some other minor things.  

Rebuild Day 1

Rebuild Day 2