Here are a bunch of pictures that I took later in the day when I went to pick up “Ellen”.  She has a lot of surface rust towards the bottom of the drivers side fenders and on the passenger rear quarter above/behind the wheel well.   The passenger side door and front fender have been replaced.  The original owner (older lady) must’ve been in a front end collision.   Keep in mind when you see these pictures that the vinyl top was NOT that white when I found it.  I stupidly took no pictures before cleaning it.   Oh well.  But these are pictures after a few hours of inch-by-inch cleaning with a Vinyl Top Cleaner.  Anyways… on with the pictures:




    Below are pictures of the engine…not the day I picked it up, but they are the only pictures I have of the original setup before I changed the intake and carb.   I have already painted the air cleaner in these pictures because it was a rusty color, and I’ve touched up some of the metal that had surface rust.