Here are some pictures of the new BFG Radial T/A Tires that I purchased in early March due to the annoyance of having a huge chunk of the original dry-rotted rubber fly off the drivers side rear tire while going down the highway WAY too fast.  J  I sure am glad my parents happened to live within 30 minutes of where I was.  My father brought 2 spares, both not having the proper lug configuration to get me on the road, so he took me to Fremont, NE (6 miles away) and had them mount a new tire on the wheel I brought with us.    I bought “a” BFG Radial T/A tire, had them mount it, and we left.   $85 later I was back on the road with a new tire and 3 crappy, ready to fail white-wall tires.   It was that way for about 2 weeks until my next paycheck.   Then I got the other 3.  There.  Wasn’t that a great story?  No?  Ok, fine.  You want pictures, not stories, eh?   FINE!!!!