Pictures of the new Edelbrock Performer Intake (#2101) and the Edelbrock Performer 600cfm Carb (#1406) that I purchased in the middle of March, 2002.  It REALLY made a difference in the sound of the car, throttle response, and happiness of the driver.  J  Iíve also purchased a cheapo RPM Tach and a Mr. Gasket chrome dress-up kit.  So far Iíve installed one valve cover, which is still leaking.  Iíll fix it when I feel like it. I guess thatíll teach me for trying to install the valve covers on Easter morning.  Got one doneÖ and had to button it all back up quickly to go with my overly religious Catholic family.  Grrrrrrrrr   (Iím not all that religious)


    Pictures of the new goodies installed, along with a cheapo Mr. Gasket chrome air cleaner and transparent inline fuel filter.  You like the way I left the hose to the air cleaner just hanging there.   J  Someone pointed that out to me after showing them the pictures.  DUH!!!  Also, the pictures below also show my old crappy Panasonic cd-player that I pulled out of my old Geo Storm after wrecking it.   The RCA sub outputs are dead(shocked) and as of right now(Oct. 7th) the tuner doesnít work either.  I only have a cd player.  No radio!!  Ahhhh!!