Ok, so I do not have too many pictures of the header installation.   I did the installation of the headers all by my self.  First actual mechanical thing I’ve ever done to a car before, aside from changing fluids.  Needless to say I just tore into it without thinking.   I’m just thankful that wasn’t a problem!  I tore off all the old exhaust parts, pipes, muffler, CAT, and exhaust manifolds.   Those things are heavy!!!  Anyways, I purchased the recommended ($145) FlowTech Afterburner headers for this install, only to find out that because my car is better than all other discos (hehe j/k) and mostly because mine has Factory A/C installed, there was no way those headers were going to fit on the passenger side of the engine.   I ended up rush ordering a much cheaper set ($89) of DynoMAX headers that were guaranteed to fit with factory A/C.    It took my dumb a$$ 2 days to get the darn things bolted up and I was about ready to pull my hair out.   I really do not like tightening header bolts near the firewall.  You can not get a damn wrench in there!!!!   Well, I got them bolted up, leaving the far back bolt on both sides of the engine just snug… and not tight because I had no more time.  I had an appointment to drop my car off at the exhaust shop the next morning so I could have my 2.5” exhaust custom fabricated, mandrel bent, and mounted to the DynoMAX SuperTurbo mufflers that I purchased at “House of Mufflers”.  The Dual Exhaust was done professionally by a GREAT exhaust shop, but I can't mention names due to the emmissions laws on these damn 1975 Novas.   Someone seems to think that Catalytic Converters are required by law or something.  hehe    On to the pictures!